Westview Elementary

Learn About Our School

Welcome family, friends, and visitors of our Westview family. We are thrilled that you want to learn more about our school. Gas City is a beautiful, clean place to raise a family. The city received its name from the abundance of natural gas that was in the area in 1887. The findings created a “boom” in the city, which encouraged people to move to here. Although the gas is now gone, the city remains a lovely place to live with the beautiful Mississinewa River flowing through the west side. For more information on Gas City, Indiana, please visit the Gas City Area Chamber of Commerce website.

A Fun Yet Challenging Curriculum 

Like Gas City, Westview Elementary School follows the progressive tradition. We treat each student as an individual, and we understand students learn differently. We designed our curriculum to meet these different needs. How students learn is always changing; therefore, our curriculum is always changing. For example, some children learn better through doing, so we have our Westview Habitat Culture Center available for teachers who want to take their students into nature to create a hands-on learning experience.

Another important tool in our education kit is technology. We are an advanced school, and we recognize the importance of technology. As technology improves, more computer programs offer different forms of interactive learning. One program we value greatly is the Waterford Early Reading Program, which offers a language arts curriculum. The program targets children in the beginning stages of learning. It focuses on topics such as phonics, text comprehension, vocabulary, readiness skills, and much more. We find that incorporating fun, interactive programs into our curriculum really helps keep the children engaged.

Additional important programs in our curriculum:

  • Fine Arts program

We hope you now have a better understanding of Westview Elementary School. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A Message From Your Principal

Dear Westview Family,

Welcome Westview Families and Little Indians to the Westview Elementary School website!

While here, you will have access to many valuable tools, such as helpful resource links, a calendar of school and corporation-related events, as well as a Westview Elementary photo gallery.

As always, our faculty and staff promise to help your child excel to his/her highest potential;. however, it is truly a team effort. Parental involvement is vital in the growth and progress of your child. As we navigate through the year, please consider the following:

  • How can I help further what my child learns in the classroom?
  • Remind your child often about the importance of an education.
  • Have dinner as a family and discuss what your child(ren) learned that day.
  • Ask if he/she received a homework assignment.
  • Meet your child’s teacher and discuss with them any concerns that may arise.

Thank you for visiting the Westview Elementary website; and thank you, as well, for choosing Mississinewa Community Schools! We have many, many awesome things going on here, and we are so excited to have you as part of the school community! 


Bruce Smith